About The Brampton

The Brampton is our most exclusive pool yet. Existing on the cutting edge of modern design technology, the Brampton effortlessly weaves together the new and old – and improves on both.

The Brampton’s sharp, steadfast geometric shape means it is well suited to contemporary homes and brings a strong, reliable centrepiece to your backyard. Additionally, the Brampton was designed to suit a more traditional aesthetic as well: its flawless contours and full length bench seat will invite your family and guests to dive right in.

You will find a surprising spaciousness to this pool, as well as a gradual slope in depth that can accommodate lap swimming and the most excited of children dive bombing. This is what sets the Brampton range apart from its contemporaries: the Brampton was designed with you in mind. No compromising on size, no added frills: just maximum space for you and your family to swim. You can sit back and enjoy making splash-and-laughter-filled memories. The Brampton can accommodate your wildest (and most affordable) pool dreams.

Here are some of the premium features you can expect from the Brampton:

    • 1. Child Safety Ledge – this runs the length of the pool to ensure your children will always have a safe place to swim to.
    • 2. Full Length Bench Seat – Sit back and relax on this spacious seating area – the Brampton drips with comfort.
    • 3. Non-Slip Entry/Exit Point – enter and exit your pool safely, without having to grab onto the nearest swimmer.
    • 4. Dual Entry and Exit points – for maximum convenience.
    • 5. Spacious, Unobstructed Swimming Area – The Brampton can accommodate your whole family and plenty of guests too.
    • 6. Enjoy Owning One Of The Newest Pools On The Market!
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